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As some have maybe noticed, the winters are getting colder. Each year seems to be a little colder than the one before. How are we going to stay warm, and keep our little ones warm, is a good question. Perhaps we can learn from people who live further north than ourselves.
Kids usually get all excited when the snow comes. Most just rush outside to play in the snow, and maybe have a good snow ball fight. It seems to be inbuilt in children to move around and exercise, and we could all learn from them. Exercise and lots of fresh air is exactly what keep us warm and healthy. In order to keep the bills down, it is necessary to have a good amount of time outside daily. Fresh air is what keeps the body fires burning, and it keeps us from catching colds.
In Scandinavia children are prepared for the cold. They have hats, scarves and mittens ready, it seems, at a moments notice. This winter it may be a good idea for all of us to be that prepared. Now is the time to get a hold of those warm sweaters, water proof coats and extra layers like “long johns”. “Long johns” have been out of fashion for a while, but it would be smart to get them back in, in a hurry, or we are all going to be way too cold, and probably get sick.
Financially it is a difficult time for most of us, and we would probably all want to save on the heating bill this year. Some people only put the heating on 2-3 times a day, and perhaps that is ok, if no one is at home, but if people are home all day, like perhaps small children, it is important to have the heating on all day. It is possible to have it on a minimum setting, or perhaps only heat up parts of the house. Gas heating is cheaper than using electricity for heating the house; or for a few of us who don’t have radiators, using wood is a lot healthier than burning coal. Remember never to use gas heaters unless there is a window slightly open nearby.
Blankets and sweaters made with sheep’s wool are much warmer than acrylic ones, so make sure to have enough on hand for the whole family. Even if the family has quilts to use as a cover at night, it would be advisable to have to have a blanket on the bed as well. Make sure the children know where to find extra blankets should it be necessary. A hot water bottle could be nice for heating up the bed a bit, but be careful not to make it too hot for small children as there could be a danger of scolding.

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