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Do you ever watch ants? They work hard all spring and summer, preparing for the winter. The squirrels also labour in order to save up enough food for the cold, long winter period. Last winter the first snow came in November, and many people were caught off guard. Before long, there was too much snow in many places, and the delivery trucks could not get through with supplies, and many items in the shops and even supermarkets ran out.
We do not want to fail our children this year. So what do we do to make sure that we don’t run out of food and other things we need? First of all, making a list of the things we cannot do without, like food that can last like oats, rice, spaghetti, beans and other dried food stuffs. Then think about protein such as tinned or dried meat and fish. Certain people might opt for filling the freezer with meat, and that is a good idea as long as the electricity stays on. If problems with the electricity occurs due to too much snow, having tinned supplies might come in handy.
One of the first things that usually run out is milk, eggs, butter and cheese. These are all important proteins that children need for growing. Milk can be purchased both in tins and as powdered milk, and it would be wise to get a hold of quite a lot, if there are small children in the household. Cheese can be bought as parmesan, which will last a long time. Eggs can last in a cool, dry place for quite some time, but powdered eggs are also available, and they have a long shelf life. Bread is easy to make, so when the shops have no more bread, it can be made at home. Buy as much flour and dried yeast or baking powder as possible now, before the snows come.
Replacing the boxed cereals, which many children eat, with dry cereal that is healthier and lasts longer, like oats, rice or semolina might be good, because it is usually healthier and takes up less space in the car, so it is possible to buy more in one go. Also eating a nice hot cereal for breakfast on cold mornings warms the body all the way through, which is a good start to the day.
Generally, it is best to do the food shopping just once a week. It actually saves time, saves petrol, and believe it or not, most people find that they usually spend less when the food shopping is organised properly.

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