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Its holiday time again! Your kids are begging to go to an expensive amusement park such as Disneyland or to another country or to visit relatives. You have every intention of meeting their requests, but how? Money is tight and although you may be able to afford the entrance to Disney or travel, what about the cost of staying somewhere?
• Look into staying with friends or family. Ask your family members if they’d like to swap residences or if they have a guest room or two to lend to you for a few days on your holiday. Not only do you get to go on holiday with your children, you may also be able to spend time with your family as well. A great way to spend holiday!
• If that’s not an option, look online for discounts on hotels or opt for staying somewhere with less stars. It may mean packing your own shampoos and conditioners, towels and whatnot, but if you got to save a few pounds and still have fun, what’s the hassle of carrying your extra toiletry bag?
• If you already know a hotel that would be just right for you, check online for coupons by typing in ‘coupon code’ that may help you spend less than the cost of a regular room. It’s worth trying.
Another way you can save by trying to meet your child’s desire for fun at Disney is to substitute it with a cheaper or local amusement park or fair. Every child dreams of the chance to go to Disney, but if you don’t have the money saved for it, you may have to wait and in the meantime hook them on the idea of a fair. Fairs are great fun with games, rides and snacks that are usually quite affordable and you can go back to them day after day. Or during the winter months, Hype Park in London offers Winter Wonderland, you pay for the rides but entrance is free, as is a meeting with Santa!

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